Sunday, May 15, 2011

$1 *can* change the world

My wonderful roommate and a bunch of other terrific people have started a fantastic organization called Students for the Family.  Here's their project description:

We all come from families. It is no secret that healthy families generally lead to better life outcomes for all involved, including society. Unhealthy family relationships can lead to a host of issues. To combat these negative outcomes, Students for the Family has developed and is implementing an interdisciplinary symposium, this year called Strengthening the Family: Engaging Issues with Courage and Civility, combining the wisdom of experts, the perspective of professionals, and the innovation and drive of students and community members to discuss how we all can strengthen families through public policy, laws, research, and individual and family efforts. The symposium will feature key note speakers, a reception, breakout sessions, and presentations by individuals ranging from nationally known experts to exceptionally qualified students.

The first $4,000 will be matched 5 to 1. That's right. A $5 donation, if we meet our goal, will result in $30 towards strengthening families, a $10 donation will result in $60 dollars, etc.

One of the primary purposes of Students for the Family is to strengthen families and communities by increasing the reasoned dialogue on family issues in a civil and respectful manner, helping students and young professionals to become well-educated on these issues. As a result, student submissions representing many view points on a variety of family topics will be selected. Student presenters will be chosen based upon the quality of their arguments and tone of civility, not based upon the viewpoints they represent. Plenary session presentations will address topics such as the importance of civility, principles of parenting, and the impacts of pornography.

C'mon!  Donate a dollar.  That's one dollar you won't be spending on various dollar menus at McDonald's, Wendy's, or  Dell Taco.  By donating one dollar, you'll be saving yourself lots of calories and it's one step closer to being healthy.  Not only that, but you're helping to change the world and strengthen something truly important: The Family.  Donate here:  This ends on Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, so donate!

This was a fairly serious post...more hilarity to come!

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