Monday, June 6, 2011


I just realized that I haven't seen ANY of the movies I've been wanting to see.  Why, you may ask?  Because, well, I keep forgetting and I'm kinda cheap.  Tickets for movies that have recently been released are expensive.  Throw in some popcorn and maybe a drink, and it starts to get pricey.

BUT, I've decided that I'm going to right this dastardly wrong and climb out of the whole I've dug for myself and actually see the movies.  For some, I can totally wait until they move to the dollar theater.  I don't think I could wait that long to see The Green Lantern, though.  I mean, it's Ryan tight green clothing.  How could anyone wait weeks and weeks for that to show up at the dollar theater?  No one.

Oh, look.  He's giving me a ring.  He is such a precious man.  So thoughtful, giving me a ring.  I do, Ryan Reynolds.  I *so* do.

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