Monday, June 20, 2011

X-Men: First Class

I finally saw one of the movies on my list!  I'm so proud of myself.  One down, thirteen to go.  I may have to post an edited version of the movies I want to see, mainly to make me feel better about my failure.


I watched X-Men: First Class while visiting my younger sister in Cedar.  Now, with my nerd hat firmly in place, I had a lot of complaints about the movie; things they missed (where the devil is Cyclops?), what they got wrong (Moira MacTaggert, not Scottish?!  WTF?!), and so on.  But, when I shove my nerd hat into the darkest corner underneath my bed (I may never find it again), it was a pretty good movie.

Die-hard X-Men comic fans, I kind of have to warn you away.  You probably won't like it and will find even more to complain about than I did, and I'm pretty well-versed in the X-Men comics.

Putting that aside, it was a good movie with an interesting story-line and take on how the X-Men got started.  It was fascinating watching the characters connect and interact with each other.  It was a really intriguing look at characters such as Professor X and Magneto.  James McAvoy (Xavier) and Michael Fassbender (Magneto) were excellent.  I love both of them (the characters, though the actors aren't bad either) even more now...especially Magneto and all his badassery.  Fassbender channeled the inner rage and anguish that haunts Magneto, but he also brought a new life to a well-loved character.  You know good has been done when the villain is loved perhaps even more than the hero.

Launching from my new love/appreciation of Magneto, I have a crush on Michael Fassbender.
<-Here he is, in all his glory!->

Moving on.  There was one character that I was secretly--okay, not-so-secretly--hoping would die.  And that was Angel Salvador.  There's not one particular reason for my dislike, but the character just irked me.  I was rather disappointed when she didn't bite the big one.  Even though I was annoyed she didn't die, I didn't let that ruin the rest of the movie for me.

Oh.  Everyone (possibly still excluding the die hards) should see the movie for one simple reason.  And that reason is:

SPOILER!!!!!  Don't go any farther unless you want to be...spoiled...whatever!

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) makes a cameo!  It was fantastic!  That alone saved the movie for me (and Magneto's hotness).  *swoon*

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Josh Matern said...

I loved this movie. Granted I am not a huge X-Men comic book fan so the inconsistencies did not irk me, but I thought the story and characters were very well done. I thought the Wolverine cameo was one of the best parts too ;)