Monday, August 15, 2011

So many cool gadgets, so little money...

In the perfect world of Supernerdia, all the things that I want are free, such as a new R2D2 Xbox 360, a Nintendo DSi XL, a mini polaroid camera, and so much more.  However, Supernerdia only exists in my imagination (which is an awesome place) and in the real world, things like new cameras and gaming systems cost money of which I have little.  And I've come to realize the reason for this is because books are my drug of choice (along with caffeine) and I can't seem to quit them.

So, with that revelation in mind, I've been toying with the idea of purchasing a few new electronics.  This post is a bit picture-heavy, just FYI.

1)  Nintendo DSi XL
Price: $170 new and around $140 used.
Why I want: There are so many good games for this system!  My little brother and my niece let my borrow theirs for a day and I fell in love.  Plane trips and road trips would be so much happier with one of these little darlings.

2) R2D2 Xbox 360 bundle
Price: $450
Why I want it: Because who wouldn't want an Xbox 360 that looks (and sounds) like R2D2?  Only sad, lonely people, that's who.  And other types of people, but that is neither here nor there.  A friend of mine at work showed me this bundle and I had a nerd attack.  For the rest of that day, I kept Googling the lovely little bundle and stared longingly at the Xbox.

3) Nook Color
Price: $250
Why I want it: I've been wanting a Nook off and on for awhile.  Depending on my mood, I either really wanted one or I was mostly apathetic.  The biggest thing with the Nook is, while it would make travelling a whole lot easier as I wouldn't be lugging around ten tons of books with me, but, I love having the actual physical book in my hand.  I love the sound of opening the book, the feel of the pages.  This is something I wouldn't get with a Nook.  So, this isn't as big of a want as, say, the R2D2 Xbox, but it makes the list.

4) Polaroid Camera
Price: Fuji--$70 Polaroid Instant--$100
Why I want it: I've wanted a new camera for a good amount of time now.  The digital camera I have still works, but it's pretty finicky, acting like a moody teenager at the best of times.  A beautiful art blog I follow mentioned that she had gotten a Polaroid camera, and a tiny sliver of jealousy wormed its way in.  I'm not sure which camera I want more, though the price of the Fuji camera is way more appealing.  Anyway, if anyone has any experience with either camera, let me know.  I need some advice.


5) 64 GB iPod Touch or Classic 160 GB iPod
Price: iPod Touch--$400 Classic iPod $250
Why I want it: The bottom line is that the iPod I have is six years old.  Yes.  I own the first generation classic iPod, before the iPod Touch had even been released.  My poor little thing is definitely a dinosaur and its getting to the point where it doesn't want to cooperate.  Apparently, it's getting crotchety in its old age.  I love how sleek the iPod Touches are, but I love the memory capacity of the Classic iPod.  It's a tough decision, and I can't help but hope the iPod Touch goes down in price.  Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

And that's my current list of wants as far as gadgets go.  Oh, if only I were super rich and had this money lying around in my couch cushions.

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brit said...

Oh Melay, I love you and your attraction to books! I also love your attraction to the iPod touch. If you think you've got it bad, just remember that I have a first-gen nano. A 1gig first-gen nano. However, mine is not acting like an old lady.... hmm... maybe I'm actually the lucky one. Either way, I definitely want a new iPod.

and p.s. We will be going to Florida again soon... so it might be wise to invest in one of those toys before then. Ya know, so you don't die of boredom.