Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's been so long

Holy banana muffins, Batman!  It's been forever since I've posted anything.  I blame finals.  And my DS.  And the universe.  Because the universe is always and forever out to get me and make my life suck.

So, it's Christmas break on campus (yay!) but I'm stuck working.  Granted, I can be home with my parents and the rest of my family during the actual Christmas holiday, but then I have to work.  So, three days home then back to work.  Being a grown-up can blow.

Anyway, so I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.  WOO!  I know, I totally left it till the VERY last minute.  I'll be able to get it all done.  Because I'm a superhero and we get things taken care of.

So, here're the people I'm still gifting for:

1) My awesome supervisor at the Library
2) My sister, Erika.
3) My sister-in-law, Kim.
4) My brother-in-law, Corbin.
5) My awesome library coworkers.
6) My best friends Ariel, Brit, Leah, and Morgaine, affectionately called Morgy-poo or Migraine.  Yep.  We're clever.

Aaaaand, that's it.  I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing for the library people (yay for baking and sweet things) but not so much for others (*koffCorbinkoff*).  I'm floundering, but I will persevere!!

Anyway.  That's all for now.  I promise I'll post again and soon!  And with pictures because pictures are great!  Until the time of more pictures, enjoy this picture of the Sleeping Beauty Castle all dolled up for Christmas (Disneylaaaaand!).

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brit said...

Please do a post with pictures!! And good job finishing your shopping (mostly). I have a plate of candy waiting here for you! I almost took it to your parents, then remembered that there are more boys in your house than I can count (numbers is hard). That candy would last no longer than... well... any kind of food would, haha.