Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Edgar Allen Poe

I love Mr. Poe's stories.  I love the narration style, the word choice, the masterful way in which he can heighten emotion and instill fear.  His treatment of death is amazing.  In short, I love him.  And when a friend told me they were making a movie about him, I was excited.  Then she told me it wasn't really about him, per se, but more of a work of fiction.  He was in it, of course, but the plot is that a murderer is offing people based on his short stories and their sometimes very gruesome deaths.

Well, I hopped on my trusty computer and decided to watch the trailer.  I was shocked.  In a good way!  The movie looks amazing.

On that note, watch the trailer.  There better be a midnight showing.

Nevermore have I wanted one...that was lame.  But amusing, hehehe.

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