Monday, October 24, 2011


A few months after X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released into the wild yonder of numerous theaters, there was a rumor going around that a Deadpool movie was in the works and would be released in 2012.  I opened up the interwebs and searched on IMDb for this movie.  And it was true!  Deadpool, probably my favorite comic book character of ALL TIME, was getting his own movie.  And Ryan Reynolds was slated to be him.  In that internet search, my dreams were coming true.

I've kept tabs on the movie and noted with great angst and sorrow that the release date was being pushed back.  

It wasn't until today, just moments before I started writing, that I checked the status of the movie and saw something that caused great horror and almost had me swooning in my desk (which would be embarrassing as I'm currently in class).  Deadpool has been pushed back to 2014.  WTH, Hollywood?  Where's my freaking movie?!

Please join me in my anger.  I'll be pouting in a corner, planning some sort of major coup that will get me my movie faster.

**In case you can't read the Wolverine and Deadpool interaction:
W: Oh, come on.
D: No.  You smell of beef and cheese.
W: I'll give you a cameo in my next movie.
D: ...fine.  You're the best there is at what we do.  But what we do best isn't very nice.

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overtonmom said...

You make me laugh Daughter. :))