Monday, October 3, 2011

And how...

Geez.  Can you (yes, I'm addressing my readers collectively, because that's definitely easier than naming you...even though there are only 13 of you, so it wouldn't be that hard.  Whatever.) believe that it's already October?  That means that Halloween is right around the proverbial corner!  That's right.  My favorite holiday of all time is getting close.

I'm getting antsy.

My awesome friend and I are dressing up as Daft Punk for Halloween.  If you haven't heard of this band, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself.  Go listen to them.  Now.  Click me to listen!  And while you're listening, click on over to my friend's blog and check out our costumes so far.  She was smart and took pictures of them.  I didn't.  I blame unintended glue inhalation.

Now, I'm getting antsy because school is already a month in.  I'm a third of the way done.  Holy crap!  I want school to finish up, but it's pretty freaky how fast the month of September whisked by.

Moving on from my insecurities, I have nothing new, really.  Oh, I'm getting ready to post a massive book haul (poor Borders...but my bookshelf is rejoicing!) and another recipe post (with pictures).  But yeah.  I'll probably do a post of some griping and complaining about school because that's what student's do.

Oh!  And my friend added my cat to my blog background.  Cute, no?  She's pretty fabulous.


Tiffy J. said...

I like that cat. a lot.

also, I am still in shock that it's October. I don't believe it.

Super-Nerd said...

Yeah. It's crazy. But now that it's October, I demand that the leaves change! Everything is still so green. It's just not right.

brit said...

I am also soooo excited for Halloween!!! And I'll definitely remind you to take pictures next time we work on our costumes :) so you can do a post about it too.

And one last thing! I just noticed how funky Tux's right shoulder looks... I will definitely fix that. <3